Total Misconduct

Second Edition



A True Story of Police and Polictical Corruption

by Samuel Clark


          This book presents a detailed account of corruption and official misconduct within the police department of the City of Newark, New Jersey and other police departments in the United States.  To some, the shocking events described in this book may appear to be exaggerated.  Unfortunately, they are not.

          Samuel Clark, a former police lieutenant and veteran police officer of more than 25 years, worked with a handful of brave police officers to expose the existence of wide spread police corruption in the Newark Police Department.  These officers presented documentary evidence of serious police corruption to local and state politicians, a county prosecutor, the State Attorney General, the U. S. Attorney General, and the FBI.  Nevertheless, no elected official or taxpayer funded law enforcement agency intervened to put an end to the corruption or to protect the whistle-blowing officers from retaliation.

          Why did elected officials and government law enforcement agencies ignore the evidence and the complaints of serious police corruption from over 26 credible and reliable police officers?  Samuel Clark provides facts, official police documents and report numbers, court case numbers, and newspapers accounts, enabling the reader to make his/her own conclusions.






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