Honoring the Extraordinary Accomplishments of Ordinary People



Disclosure Research & Publishing is dedicated to providing non-fiction titles that honor the extraordinary accomplishments of ordinary people.  It has been the life sacrificing efforts of ordinary people that was the catalyst for all positive human development.


Ordinary people, whether out in front or in the background, have played crucial roles in all social political movements.  These tremendous accomplishments too frequently are not publicized and go unnoticed and unappreciated.  Therefore the collective efforts of many are bestowed upon the so-called publicized leaders.  Such common (and accepted as normal) practices cause us to doubt and underestimate our individual worth and power.  Without an understanding of our true worth and power, we can not channel our energy and talents toward improving our lives, and also making a positive impact on others.  We believe it is time to reverse this trend by reclaiming our self worth and cease delegating our power to others. 


By honoring the lives of ordinary people we hope to inspire, motivate, and help everyone realize that he/she is not only an important part of humanity, but also how much of an important positive impact we are all capable of making.

It is also our intention to promote the realization that we should spend most of our time and energy focusing on the mumerous things we have in common, and not the few things we have in difference.  If ordinary people search for the common ground in each other, then mankind will be immune to the ever increasing powers designed to divide and conquer us all.




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