Total Misconduct

Total Misconduct gives the reader a revealing look inside a police department and inside the life of a police whistle-blower. The book, written by a retired police lieutenant, explains the many grave dangers a police whistle-blower must confront. The cause of these dangers is not by a dangerous, violent criminal but by men and women who are law enforcement officials sworn to protect and serve. Instead of protecting the truth-telling whistle-blower officer who exposes unlawful acts committed by the police, the upper management supervisors of the police department use illegal tactics to cause harm to the whistle-blower. Police supervisor’s retaliatory actions against the whistle-blower facilitate physical harm to the truth-telling officer and the termination of that officer’s police career. Yes, the fact is, there is a crisis of police misconduct within nearly every police department in the United States. Police management’s main but covert objective is preventing the alarming level of police misconduct from reaching the general public.


  • Samuel Clark

Samuel Clark is an expert in police procedures, internal investigations, and discipline. He is an investigator, consultant, researcher, author, musician, writer, arranger, and producer. Clark enjoys traveling and playing music with musicians in other countries.

Total misconduct