Total Misconduct

A Factual account of Police and Political Corruption

Since the establishment of the first police department in New York City in 1844, reports of police misconduct and systemic corruption have abounded. These reports of misconduct are still with us in 2023. Yet the sole responsibility for monitoring officers and purging rogue officers has remained within the confines of these very departments. Indeed, what has emerged within United States police departments is a mode of self-policing in which secrecy, conflict of interest, and partiality have taken hold. This state of affairs has resulted in departments entrenched in corruption, an unprecedented spike in police misconduct, innocent citizens being harmed, the careers of honest police officers being tarnished or destroyed, increased crime, reduced public confidence, and wasted precious financial resources.

The purpose of this website and the book Total Misconduct is to expose the extent of police corruption and the dictatorial power of police officials in the United States. A key revelation of this website is that police officials are protecting and rewarding cops who have engaged in serious criminal misconduct while subjecting police officers who obey the law to severe punishments. How can law enforcement agencies operate so lawlessly in America? It is the question posed to the visitor and sought to answer.

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Samuel Clark

Samuel Clark is an expert in police procedures, internal investigations, and discipline. He is an investigator, consultant, researcher, author, musician, writer, arranger, and producer. Clark enjoys traveling and playing music with musicians in other countries.

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This book shatters the mythology about policing and justice and reveals that ninety-nine percent of the time, police officers do not report the whole truth.